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The Best Foods That Double as the Best Cleaners

Are you sick of cleaning with chemical cleaners you wouldn't want near your food? Instead, how about cleaning with food? Seriously. "These meals are great for cleaning the kitchen."House Cleaning experts in Round Rock are ready to make your spotless kitchen taste even better.


House Cleaning professionals in Round Rock will be sharing tips for House Cleaning using some foods as cleaning materials.


House Cleaning: Coconut oil

Coconut oil is best for cleaning cookie sheets, wooden utensils, and salad bowls, preventing sticky foods from sticking to measuring cups and shining up stainless steel.


House Cleaning: Ketchup

Rub ketchup all over your copper pans to remove tarnish. Wear your most tarnished rings while you're at it, and watch as your jewelry looks to clean itself. Ketchup is also effective for cleaning brass and sterling metal.


House Cleaning: Orange rinds

To keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh rather than garbage, run orange peels down it. You may do this with any citrus peel, but using orange will give you the same wonderful orange aroma as using orange essence in an essential oil diffuser.


House Cleaning: Tomato juice

Tomato juice is good for deodorizing almost everything, including your trash disposal (if you don't like the smell of orange peel). You can use it for your travel coffee cup and reusable plastic water bottles. Soak the item for around 20 minutes before rinsing for optimal results.


House Cleaning: Potatoes

You may use steel wool and soap to remove rust from cast-iron cookware, but you can also massage the rust patches with a potato, said House Cleaning experts. This method seems more appealing, and we'd like to give it a shot.


House Cleaning: White bread

A thick slice of white bread (try the heel of the loaf) works wonderfully for removing dust from your moldings. You may also put a piece of white bread through your meat grinder to remove any residual meat particles and fat. Oh, and what happens if you shatter glass or a dish? Use a slice of bread to pick up the tiny particles.


House Cleaning: Cola

Do you have a blockage in your kitchen sink? Pour some cola down the drain (cola's acidity aids in the removal of obstructions). You may also pour it over your cast iron cookware to remove rust. Cola is also a vital element in this delectable cake recipe. Who knew cola could be so versatile?


House Cleaning: Bay Leaves

If you have pantry pests like ants or beetles, bay leaves can discourage them, said House Cleaning specialists in Round Rock. Scatter a few throughout your pantry, cabinets, and probable insect access sites. Watch those pesky bugs go, toxin-free.


House Cleaning: Basil

Put a handful in your fruit dish to keep flies away. Take a large bunch and marinate it in white vinegar for two weeks (in your refrigerator). Then drain and wipe all of your surfaces with the basil-infused vinegar (in a spray bottle). And don't forget about these fresh basil dishes if you have a huge harvest.