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If you are into cooking a lot or doing the grocery shopping for your family, you're undoubtedly well aware that cheese sold by the block is less costly than chopped cheeses in bags, according to House Cleaning pros in Round Rock. If you're using high-quality cheeses like grated cheddar or smoked goat cheese, you may not have been able to buy shredded versions, which means you'll have to grate it yourself. While grating cheese isn't complex, cleaning the cheese grater, as well as lemon zesters and micro planes, may be a nightmare, according to the House Cleaning crew in Round Rock.


Cleaning these products, however, does not have to be a hassle. According to House Cleaning experts in Round Rock, here are some ideas on how to clean a cheese grater without going crazy or shredding your knuckles.


Expert House Cleaning Tip: Make Life Easier by Cleaning Right Away


The longer you wait to clean your cheese or lemon zest, the more likely it will stick to the grater or zester. If you take a minute after using your cheese grater to wash it quickly, you can easily cut your cleaning time in half.


Using Lemon to Clean a Cheese Grater

This advice appeared just when you thought there was nothing else you could clean with lemon.


House Cleaning will require the following:

  • 2 to 3 teaspoons salt one lemon, halved
  • a little bowl
  • Dishwashing soap
  • a cloth made of microfiber
  1. Fill the basin with salt.
  2. Put the lemon's cut end into the salt.
  3. House Cleaning experts recommend scrubbing the grater with salted lemon.
  4. Allow three to five minutes for this to sit.
  5. To remove any residual lemon juice or residue, rinse the cheese grater under boiling water.
  6. Dishwashing liquid, water, and a microfiber towel are used to clean the grater, precisely as you would for dishes. However, keep in mind that you should wipe the grater in the opposite direction of the blades (opposing grating) to avoid damaging your fingertips, according to House Cleaning experts.
  7. Don't you have any lemons on hand? No problem; substitute potato for the measures as mentioned above, as advised by House Cleaning experts.


Using a Pastry Brush to Clean a Cheese Grater

If you're not putting butter on the edges of your bread rolls, you can clean your cheese grater using your pastry brush.


You'll require the assistance of House Cleaning professionals.

  • Dishwashing liquid 
  • a dry pastry brushes
  • a cloth made of microfiber
  1. According to House Cleaning experts, run the pastry brush over the grater or zester in the direction of the blades (the opposite of grating) to remove any residual bits of cheese or lemon peel.
  2. Clean the grater with dishwashing solutions and a microfiber towel, just as you would your breakfast dishes. According to House Cleaning professionals, you'll want to make sure you're wiping in the direction of the blades to avoid shredding your hands.