How to Rid Sentimental Clutter | House Cleaning Tips from Round Rock

Getting rid of sentimental clutter is challenging. Human as we are, we tend to attach feelings, emotions, and memories to things. Hence, preserving them. However, when everything starts to pile up, they’re becoming more of a House Cleaning burden rather than keepsakes of happy memories. It’s probably time to let those things go.


Continue reading as the House Cleaning specialists in Round Rock break down five tips to ease the guilt and get rid of sentimental clutter.


What is “Sentimental Clutter”?


These are items that are significant to a person as emotions and memories are attached to them. It can be artworks on your first day of school, wedding gifts, yearbooks, your baby’s first clothing, travel memorabilia, concert tickets, etc.

No two sentimental items are the same. They vary from one person to another. For example, if a particular thing is valuable to one of House Cleaning Round Rock’s Team, it doesn’t mean it is beneficial for all of them.


House Cleaning Tips to Rid Sentimental Clutter


  1. Start, but take it easy. Once you’ve decided to do this, you don’t have to finish it all in a day. The fact that you started doing it means it will continue. Take an hour off your House Cleaning routine every weekend and see which clutter to get rid of.
  2. Asking somebody else’s help is okay. At one point, when you’re House Cleaning, you’ll come across something that will remind you of an excruciating memory. It is okay to be emotional. It is normal to be undecided. Ask a friend’s help, talk to them about it, and get suggestions on whether you should or should not let go of that sentimental item.
  3. If you’ve got a lot, do it one room at a time. As you do House Cleaning in each room, look around you and see what you can eliminate. Either you no longer find it helpful or merely fill a space in that specific room. You’ll know it as it has the most dust. Those that are the easiest to let go of, you can donate them to charity or make a garage sale later on.
  4. Do not hold on to gifts if you are only thinking of the giver. A gift is just a gift. It is entirely up to the receiver what they want to do with it. It is not reasonable for the giver to look around the house and ask about their gift. This is your House Cleaning reminder that it is your right to get rid of it if it is clutter. You do the House Cleaning, not them.
  5. Feel the item. If it makes you feel great, hold on to it. If it makes you depressed, angry, and extremely sad, ditch it. Move on and live your present.

Letting go of sentimental items doesn’t mean letting go of memories. Those cherished memories will forever remain in your mind and heart and not in physical objects.