How to Clean Soap Scum in Tubs and Showers

If you’ve ever used a bathtub or a shower, you’ve probably seen a film of soapy scum on the walls. However, it also contains dirt, dead skin cells, and germs. In other words, keeping your shower clean is essential if you want to keep yourself clean. House Cleaning specialists like those at the House Cleaning team in Round Rock can help you stay on top of your cleaning schedule. Using your bathtub or shower produces soap scum, but it does not have to be a hassle to remove. Do you want to know how to get rid of soap scum? We’ve got you covered!


  1. Soap Scum from a Fiberglass Shower – For thicker scum, mix 1 cup baking soda with 14 cups distilled white vinegar in a basin. However, wait until the reactivity has subsided before mixing the two ingredients to make a paste. Any places with soap scum should be treated with the paste, which should be left on for 15-20 minutes. After that, use a non-scratch sponge to scrape away the paste, then rinse with lukewarm water when doing the House Cleaning.
  2. Soap Scum from a Metal Shower and Sink Fixtures – This protective metal finish is best cleaned with undiluted white vinegar, said the team House Cleaning team in Round Rock. Vinegar is an effective way to clean crusty showerheads. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it to the showerhead with a rubber band. Use plain water to cleanse and dry the materials.
  3. Soap Scum from Ceramic Tiles and Bathtubs – Porcelain tubs and showers are easy to use in House Cleaning. If you’re cleaning ceramic, you may not even need a House Cleaning product. A pumice stone will be used for this procedure. Be sure to properly moisten the stone before using it, and then gently brush away the soap scum layer that has built upon it.
  4. Soap Scum from Natural Stone Tiles – Natural stone shouldn’t be cleaned with most commercial soap scum removers since they might damage it. In addition, they can be abrasive and cause damage to the stone’s surface, leaving it dull and chalky in appearance during the House Cleaning. A natural stone cleaner is a way to go in this case. Follow the manufacturer’s dosage and House Cleaning directions.
  5. Soap Scum from a Shower Door – On glass shower doors, you may use the same mixes as you would on glass fibers. If the vinegar and baking powder paste isn’t doing the trick, you may dip your cloth in the paste and afterward in a bit of sodium chloride to give it a little force.

As long as you’re using soap, soap scum is inevitable, especially if you’re using hard water. Get rid of unattractive gunk using a few organic and chemical cleaners that are easy to use. The team of House Cleaning in Round Rock said, always remember that preventing soap scum daily can eliminate a weekly House Cleaning duty.