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How to Clean Soap Scum in Tub and Shower?

"I enjoy cleaning the shower and bathtub!" No one ever stated that. That is because one reason that makes House Cleaning difficult and unpleasant — is soap scum. But, House Cleaning experts in Round Rock are well-knowledgeable in dealing with this problem.


According to House Cleaning professionals in Round Rock, soap scum happens when calcium and magnesium particles in water react with the soap that you are using. It is a headache, in layman's words. It accumulates over time and becomes incredibly tough to remove. Follow these seven steps from House Cleaning tips in dealing with this problem:


1. Make use of Bar Keepers Friend.

You can dab a moist sponge with Bar Keepers Friend and wipe away the soap scum from your shower doors, said House Cleaning aces. Rinse to reveal a clean, gleaming, clear glass door.


2. Make a non-toxic, heavenly-smelling cleanser.

Because soap scum can be tough to remove, you may believe your only alternative is a poisonous, nasty, harsh cleanser - happily, this is not the case. You may produce a non-toxic, pleasant-smelling cleaner that eliminates soap scum.


Combine baking soda, Thieves Household Cleaner, vinegar, and essential oils in a mixing bowl. You may now use the combination to get rid of soap scum, said House cleaning professionals.


3. Take a grapefruit and some salt.

Citrus and salt are a fantastic combo for all-natural cleansers that smell nice. By splitting a grapefruit and immersing the flesh in kosher salt, you can scrub away soap scum from your bathtub (not glass!).


You may also use the rind on tough spots, suggesting a Round Rock House Cleaning specialist.


4. Make use of a Magic Eraser.

The Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean is "magic," as the name suggests. You can use these fantastic sponges (and their generic versions) on anything. Getting rid of crayon stains on a wall, washing specks of dirt off counters, and even getting rid of soap scum.


5. A pinch of cornstarch

Cornstarch boosts the effectiveness of your Dawn and vinegar cleaning solution. House Cleaning pros tried this simple approach and discovered that it minimizes Dawn's soapy suds, which equals less washing!


6. Make use of a dryer sheet.

According to the House Cleaning squad, those dryer sheets are for purposes other than laundry.

If you damp a dryer sheet and carefully clean your shower doors, tile, and porcelain, soap scum will disintegrate before your eyes.


7. Prevent the accumulation of soap scum.

After cleaning all of that persistent soap scum, consider these easy remedies to keep it from reappearing. Aquapel or Rain-X, according to House Cleaning connoisseurs, should be used on your shower doors.


These are good for preventing rain from windshield glass, but they will also repel water from your shower. The water will bead, and instead of remaining on the glass and forming soap scum, it will simply repel, falling down the glass and into the sink.