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How to Clean an Air Conditioner by House Cleaning Round Rock

House Cleaning can be an overwhelming task if you choose to ignore the clutter piling in your living spaces every day. Thinking about the house cleaning duties you have to do every day might make you feel tired, but if you prioritize house cleaning and schedule a daily routine or house cleaning weekly maintenance, you will find that you can deal with the chores smoothly.    

Living in a clean and lovely abode is such a paradise. Doing your scheduled House Cleaning tasks will allow you to live, sleep, and eat in peace.    


Your house is a safe place for you and your family. Thus, the air you breathe when you are inside your haven must be clean. Your home’s air conditioners contribute a great deal to the comfort you experience when staying in your abode. For your air conditioners to run efficiently, you have to clean them regularly. The performance of your air conditioners decreases significantly when dust and other debris accumulate in the air filters.    


House Cleaning Round Rock has searched for tips and ways to clean your air conditioner.   


1. Vacuum the Air Conditioner  

It may not sound ideal for deep cleaning to use a vacuum cleaner, you can still vacuum the surface and indoor parts of the air conditioner. You only have to run the vac cleaner over the conduits, air filters, fans, evaporator coils, and pipes. You may get professional help to clean the ducts as a considerable amount of dust and dirt may have built-up there.   


2. Chemical-cleaning   

Vacuum cleaners may have no match over a great deal of gunk build-up inside the aircon system. Cleaning using chemicals will require you to disassemble the parts of the air conditioner. Chemical-cleaning is essential to get rid of abrasive materials, dirt, grime, and gunk. You have to clean each component. If you do not want to resort to chemical-cleaning all the time, do a regular house cleaning of your air conditioner.  


3. Filter-Cleaning  

Filters are responsible for terminating bacteria, dust, dirt, and particles that cause you allergies from the air that you breathe. Clean your filters weekly or every other week to prevent any health threats. It also ensures the efficiency of your unit. To avoid strain, change your aircon’s filters to quality filters once they wear out to better get rid of germs and dust.   


4.        Clean the air conditioner drain  

You may vacuum the drain yearly to avoid the growth of mold inside. For a thorough cleaning of the drain, buy a cap and put it on its end. Then, draw out the dirt and gunk through a dry vacuum. Detach the cap afterward.   


Seek some professional help if you do not want to undergo all the trouble of cleaning your AC unit.   

House Cleaning Round Rock has prepared more recommended efficient house cleaning tips and wonders for you. Stay updated!