House Cleaning for Guests Coming Over in 30 Minutes
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House Cleaning for Guests Coming Over in 30 Minutes

Here's the scenario: The home is in shambles, and you have an unexpected visitor coming in 30 minutes. Oops! You haven't had time to do House Cleaning the past week. Oh no!


You're not sure how you'll clear up the mess in such a short amount of time? These cleaning ideas and suggestions from House Cleaning pros in Round Rock will teach you how to prepare your House in only 30 minutes!


00:01 - 02:00

Give your House some time to smell good.

• Begin by lighting a fragrant candle or setting up an aroma diffuser to create a welcoming atmosphere in your House.


02:01 - 12:00

Removing clutter shouldn't take more than 10 minutes if you're going fast!

When you're in a rush, a good and efficient House Cleaning tactic is to stay focused on one area at a time!

  • Go through each room and do a brief debris sweep.
  • If anything doesn't belong in that room, dump it in the appropriate one and go on.
  • If you notice any stray dishes in the living room, don't throw them in the dishwasher right away. Dump them on the kitchen counter and return to the living room to continue decluttering - deal with the dishes when you go to the kitchen.

12:01 - 17:00

If you've been exercising good House Cleaning habits, your kitchen shouldn't look that bad.

  • Toss everything that's trashy, and if there are any dishes left out, put them away. Put them in the dishwasher, or put them beneath the sink if you're in a hurry. No one will probably take a peek there, guesses the House Cleaning crew in Round Rock.
  • Spritz everything with some countertop spray that will also leave your whole kitchen smelling fresh – one of those House Cleaning techniques in Round Rock that can fool your visitors into thinking your home wasn't merely thrown together in a hurry.
  • Setting out a well-folded hand towel is the final touch that completes your kitchen's clean and ready appearance.

17:01 - 22:00

The bathroom is the most popular room, so make sure House Cleaning has been done.

  • To get rid of bacteria, clean the toilet and wash the sides with a microfiber cloth.
  • Clean the sink and remove smudges off the mirror using any House Cleaning solution you prefer.
  • Remove any personal objects off the counter, place them safely, and then clean the counter.
  • Refill the toilet paper.

22:01 - 27:00

Use a vacuum cleaner when in a rush since it's more efficient, but the broom can do it here as well.

  • Vacuum or sweep places with a lot of traffic. Concentrate on areas where people will spend a lot of time, rather than areas where they will pass through or not spend time.

27:01 - 30:00

Time for some finishing touches!

  • Quick dusting — concentrate on the items that visitors are likely to view or interact with.
  • Empty your trash cans.

…and voila! House Cleaning is done!