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Get the House Ready for Summer

You may be in the middle of spring House Cleaning, cleaning your rooms, closets, and dressers. How about the exterior of your residence? Will you have to make any additional changes to maintain your home safe, clean, and beautiful? Perhaps there is more work to be done to "summerize" your home than you know. Follow these House Cleaning tips from Round Rock on preparing for summer.


Clear the path.

After washing the pathway, repair any broken pavers or turn them over. If any pavers are too far, lift them, remove a little earth, and replace them. Fill up gaps in concrete walks using masonry crack filler that matches the color of your concrete, said House Cleaning specialists.


Improve the appearance of the entrance door.

With a screwdriver, probe the weather stripping surrounding the door and caulk any post-winter gaps before fixing any hinges that may have come loose due to temperature changes, said House Cleaning experts in Round Rock.


Clean the windows.

Caulk any gaps in the framing and test the mechanics by opening and closing each window several times, said House Cleaning professionals in Round Rock. Fill two buckets with 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of ammonia, 1 gallon of boiling water, and warm water in the other. Wash the windows first with the vinegar-ammonia solution, then with only water. Using a squeegee, dry the surface.

House Cleaning expert's tip: 'On a cloudy day, wash your windows. It is possible that the solution will dry too rapidly due to the sunlight, leading to streaks.


Strengthen the fence posts.

Replace warped or rotted pickets or posts, then yank them to ensure they're secure in the ground,'' a House Cleaning crew added.


Clean up the flower beds.

Remove weeds and redefine bed margins using a spade. When the soil is closely packed, just till the top inch or two, take caution not to disturb any bulbs below. Two to three inches of mulch is best to use.


Finish the grass

With a metal rake, remove leaves and twigs and de-thatch dead grass. Ask a garden center for assistance in selecting the correct seed, then apply it to bald spots or any place you desire fuller grass.


A quick House Cleaning tip from the experts: 'Apply weed-killing fertilizer before it rains for the best results.


Repair the sprinkler.

According to the House Cleaning squad, by operating your sprinklers one zone at a time, check for winter damage such as broken heads and fractured pipes. A new broken head is best for any bubbling or geyser-like region.


Using a hose, clean the air-conditioning condenser.

Turn off the power at the electric panel, then remove any leaves or branches trapped in the unit. Using a garden hose, clean all of the coils. If you discover any chewed wires, contact a professional to have them repaired, House Cleaning specialists' advise.


Clear the gutters.

Remove any leaves or debris from your gutters. When it rains, stand outdoors and inspect your gutters and downspouts for breakage or leaks, said House Cleaning whizzes.