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Effortless Ways to Clean Your Microwave by House Cleaning Round Rock

Doing your House Cleaning obligation is a determining factor and responsibility of a homeowner. Work on your House Cleaning routine to perpetuate the cleanliness, tidiness, and organization of your home. 

When undertaking your House Cleaning duties, you have to keep in mind to include your home appliances. Your appliances require regular house cleaning to keep them in good condition. 

House cleaning includes cleaning of the smaller appliance, so let’s start with your microwave.   

You may find it troublesome to clean your microwave regularly when doing House Cleaning. However, keeping your microwave’s best performance involves frequent cleaning and proper maintenance.  

Dirty and greasy microwave ovens increase health threats caused by bacteria that may generate riskier health problems. 

House Cleaning Round Rock has prepared some microwave cleaning hacks for you. 

Preparation is a significant component of the cleaning routine. You should know what you need before you tackle your House Cleaning duties. Thus, you have to grab the following cleaning materials below first: 

Vinegar or other House Cleaning solution like Baking Powder

  • Warm Water  
  • 1 Medium-sized microwave-safe bowl 
  • A few pieces of microfiber cloths 
  • 1 Potholder 
  • 1 Abrasive sponge 

Infuse a cup of warm water with vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl. Put a wooden spoon into the bowl and place it inside the microwave oven. Putting a wooden spoon in the solution while heating the cleaning solution will lower the risk of explosion. When vinegar is not presently available, cleaning products like baking soda, lemon, and dish soap are effective alternatives.  

Give the cleaning solution one up to two minutes to cook. Take note: the time to heat the cleaning solution depends on the microwave’s power. Do check the wattage of your microwave below:

  • 1 minute and 30 seconds for 1,200 watts
  • 2 minutes for 1000 watts
  • 2 and a half minutes for 800 watts
  • 3 minutes for 700 watts.   

After heating the solution, do not remove the bowl of solution yet. You have to wait for three more minutes to allow the steam to heat all the sides of the microwave.

Make sure to unplug the microwave before taking the bowl out carefully with a potholder for you not to burn your hands.  

Wait for the microwave to grow cooler. Next, polish the microwave oven with a clean damp microfiber cloth. House Cleaning Round Rock advises you to use a microfiber cloth with super absorbent features. Wipe the greasy food particles out of the microwave. Rub the stubborn stains in the microwave’s interior. with an abrasive sponge   

Use water and detergent, soak the microwave’s rotating plate. Clean the outside part of the microwave by diffusing water onto a clean microfiber cloth and rubbing the exterior. Do not forget to put the rotating plate back after cleansing.   

It is time for you to enjoy your newly-cleaned and polished microwave.  

House Cleaning Round Rock has more hacks in store for you. Follow for more house cleaning routine ideas.