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Creating a Safe Environment in the Bedroom for Your Toddler

You want your home to be a safe place for your children to grow up in. Remember that hundreds of youngsters have been harmed every year in-home accidents. On the other hand, a little vigilance can help you avoid many disasters.


To keep all aspects of your house safe for children, follow these guidelines from House Cleaning Pros of Round Rock.


1. Clean the floor

Clean the floor since it might get filthy while you're House Cleaning. Make sure you pick up coins or other tiny items that may have been vacuumed or swept up accidentally—vacuum the whole floor, including beneath the bed. Sweep the entire room using a broom and dustpan. After that, remove the stuck-on filth with a mop (or simply a cloth soaked in your cleaning bucket).


2. Aim for a better night's sleep

Because you'll be spending most of your night in bed, you'll want it to be a healthy setting—Wash linens in warm or hot water once a week or more. Because crib sheets are prone to be covered in leaks, spills, dribbles, and saliva, they need to be on your House Cleaning list more often.


3. Cut back on plushies

Reduce your toddler's number of plush animals, keeping just a few favorites. Dust mites are nearly as enamored with them as your youngster is. When you do your House Cleaning every week, bathe those selected few (with a gentle spin in the washing machine) or put stuffies in the freezer overnight to kill dust mites.


4. Invest in storage solutions

For the House Cleaning team in Round Rock, the correct storage solutions may make all the difference. Wall-mounted storage solutions, such as shelves and wire baskets, make use of your home's vacant vertical areas, leaving your floors clear. Hooks are also handy in houses with children, particularly in high-traffic places such as entryways and restrooms. Soft-sided storage containers are organized and flexible, allowing you to adhere to the "everything in its place "House Cleaning concept.


5. Stop dirt from getting into the room

Wipe your feet as soon as you enter the room to keep dirt and pollutants from entering. Better still, remove your shoes as soon as you enter the house. You'll be able to do house cleaning less often since the floor won't become as filthy.


6. Use protective House Cleaning gear

Bleach, ammonia, and other hard-surface cleaners may cause irritation. Use disposable gloves (or reusable ones for House Cleaning) and ensure the area is well ventilated. Keep your children out of the room while you clean and for a few minutes afterward.


7. Bathe toys

Because dirt and dust may cling to all those small nooks and crannies, they need to be cleaned regularly, suggest the House Cleaning experts from Round Rock. Once a week, wash them in a water-and-bleach solution, rinse well, and put them in a mesh bag or basket to allow them to air out.